"Audrey Noone
gives a great central
, effortlessly
walking the line
between drama
and comedy."
"Audrey is a rising star. I can tell that she will soon be on everyone’s lists! I was privileged to act with and direct her in “World’s Worst Director” where she plays my mom. She gave such a comical and outstanding performance. She is so dedicated to her character, and is the kind of person that puts 100% into whatever she is doing. I cannot wait to continue working with her."
Seth Chitwood, Director "World's Worst Director"

"Audrey was extremely well prepared. She knew her lines cold, and was very adaptable to direction. We wrapped her scenes very quickly. She was a delight to work with. I wish all my actors were this easy to work with!"
Shawn Allen, Director "The Madman Chronicles"

"It was a pleasure to work with Audrey. With only a rough framework of a script, Audrey used her improvisational abilities to fully realize her character, and come up with some great dialogue that brought the scene to life. We look forward to working with her again!"
John Tomma, Extraneous Noise Productions

"I know Audrey as a performer in multiple media better than I know anyone else living. As a mime, actress and singer, interpreting others' work or performing her own, she's not afraid to let her face and body do the heavy emotional lifting. But that doesn't mean she lacks verbal acuity; Audrey also has a unique lightning-quick gift for verbal comedy. Her delight in the odd vagaries of the English language makes her a pleasure to collaborate with, and indeed just to be around."
Jeanne Chu, Co-Director Makeshift Mime

"I greatly enjoyed working with Audrey. She was prompt and prepared throughout and was persistently good-spirited and amenable to change. Audrey understood and internalized the motivation of her character and took direction very well."
Mariah Yamamoto, Director "Trying"

"Audrey Noone is a natural and a sheer joy to work with. I hope to get the honor of working with her again on future films!"
Alexander Freeman, Director "Does Your Uncle Know"

"I had the pleasure of working with Audrey to promote NBC 10's news team. Audrey juggled multiple roles and smoothly pulled off each one with different inflections and animations. She was the perfect addition to our promo series."
Dave Rawson, WJAR Marketing Manager